About us

Today we are the only company in the world that elaborates devices and appliances for the dissymmetrization of potable water and environment, containing technologies based on fundamental science.

Our applicators and devices are exclusive invention by our company, which is based on the research of the Doctor of Medicine, Professor Mikhail V. Kutushov.

The device DISATRON

is a space dissymmetrizator which is working based on the principle of the de Broglie’s Waves generator. At the same time, it serves for dissymmetrization of drinking water.


DISSA Applicator and device DISATRON

– restores the anisotropy of HPA (hydro-protein complex) and increases its dissymmetry! As well depending on the state (health index) and age, homeostasis and metabolism are restored in the best way possible.

– helps to restore all physiological functions of the body, normalizes the water-salt balance, metabolic processes, the speed of biochemical reactions, regeneration and rejuvenation of the body as a whole.

– helps to clean the space for a human being from negative vibrations (geopathogenic zones), neutralizes electromagnetic vibrations (electrosmog) and harmonizes the space for human life both at home and at the workplace.


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